Review of “Supermarket Healthy” by Melissa D’Arabian

In “Supermarket Healthy” author and television host Melissa D’Arabian offers a cookbook that for creating healthy meals without spending a lot of money. This is a book for those who wish to eat healthier but do not wish to spend endless reams of money on the latest fad foods in order to satisfy their desire for healthy living. This cookbook is a wonderful addition to any cook’s library and provides many full color photographs and generally easy to make recipes. However the recipes themselves are not the heart of the book. It is instead the additional information that make the cookbook worth the price including the Strategies and Blueprints sections. The “Strategies” section includes “Supermarket Strategies” for making better and more economical choices at the grocery store, “Kitchen Strategies” that include tips and tricks for the kitchen, and “Entertaining Strategies” for stretching foods and making dishes party-friendly. Additionally, the “Blueprints” section helps the reader to break down certain recipes into easy to follow steps that allow him or her to swap ingredients or use a different method to create a new recipe. The main shortcoming of the book is its sometimes uninteresting recipes. Additionally, it does have many recipes that would require a much larger investment than, say, a college student would be willing to afford. In the end, the good far outweighs the bad and this is a book worth having, though certainly not as a primary or main cookbook. It’s a nice addition rather than a central text.


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