Review of “I’m Happy For You” by Kay Wills Wyma

In “I’m Happy for You (Sort Of…Not Really),” blogger and writer Kay Wills Wyma examines the deleterious effects of America’s obsession with “yardstick living”–i.e. living in the midst of a culture of comparison. Wyma argues that this hyperfocus on what others have as compared with our own situation leaves us feeling as if life is both unfair and empty. “I’m Happy for You” succeeds handily at unpacking not only the underlying causes of this comparison but also does so in a rather whimsical and down to earth way. However, where “I’m Happy for You” falls short is in the area of solutions for surviving in a culture of comparison and breaking free of this penchant for defining our worth by other’s standards. Nonetheless, this is a solid book that really gets you thinking about the culture of comparison and your own life. I highly recommend it.


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