A Game With Potential

“Punderdome” is a game that allows you to channel your inner youth pastor. A prompter draws two prompt cards from the deck and then players have to create a single pun that combines the two prompts. The prompter then awards the prompt cards to the player whose pun he or she likes best. I brought this game with me to a gathering of friends wholly believing that they would love it. They’re a pretty intelligent and witty bunch but upon reading the rules, they all waived off the game as “too complicated” and something which required “too much thinking.” Therein lies the problem with this game: those who are naturally witty or quick on their feet will probably love Punderdome. However, those who are less so will often be too intimated to play. Though this game has immense potential to be fun, the problem will be getting your friends to play. After all, for most people, games are like tv: it’s all about mentally checking out.

***A review copy of this game was provided by Blogging for Books. The review is wholly mine and I was not compensated in any way.***


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